County Tourism



Goierri County, about 30 minutes south of San Sebastian, offers tours and gastronomicexperiences and has a wide range of accommodation options. Motto: Goierri - Basque Highands, Idiazabal Territory.

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Errenteria Commitment with the quality of tourist amenities

The region around the emblematic Bay of Pasaia, located next to San Sebastian, provides unique experiences such as underground trips, nautical activities or the construction of an authentic whaling ship. It offers a good infrastructure of accommodation and gastronomy services.

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Tolosa Commitment with the quality of tourist amenities

The Tolosaldea region is located 15 minutes from San Sebastian inland. Composed of 28 municipalities, Tolosa is the capital of the region. It offers guided tours, gastronomy experiences, museums, outdoor activities and accommodation.

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Legazpi Commitment with the quality of tourist amenities

The Urola Garaia region, located 45 minutes from San Sebástian, is the perfect example of the extensive variety of attractions offered by inland Gipuzkoa. You can visit its eight museums, tour the Urola Greenway, the Ignatian Way and discover the symbols of our history and culture, all within a mere 10-km radius: the birthplace of Iparragirre (Urretxu), La Antigua (Zumarraga) the Igartubeiti Museum and House (Ezkio Itxaso) and the Valle del Hierro (Legazpi).

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