Palacio de Miramar

Palacio Miramar

Stands right on the Concha Bay, facing the beaches. Built to look like an English cottage. With a total surface, including the gardens, of 43,136 m², its style, location, setting and installations make this the perfect choice for meetings, receptions, cocktail parties and gala dinners.

Sala Julio Caro Baroja 180 m2  3,5 m 195 Clase
Comedor Real 120 m2 80 Clase
Salón de Música 115 m2 100 Banquete
80 Clase
120 Cocktail
Salón Blanco 93 m2 80 Banquete
60 Clase
90 Cocktail
Salón de Madera 88 m2 80 Banquete
60 Clase
90 Cocktail
Petit Salón 80 m2 60 Clase




Palacio MiramarPalacio MiramarPalacio Miramar