Outstanding conferences in San Sebastián during the month of July, mostly based on scientific matters

8 conferences were held in San Sebastián during the month of July, of which half were based on scientific matters. 7 of the conferences, meanwhile, were international. Here is a list of some of the biggest conferences:

Quantum Designer Physics

From 1 to 4 July, the Miramar Palace held the Quantum Designer Physics workshop, bringing together more than one hundred leading quantum materials experts to debate new developments in physics.

Congreso Startnow

From 4 to 5 July, the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park in Miramón held the STARTNOW conference, which was attended by around 250 people.

International Conference of the European Association of Spanish Teachers

This congress of international Spanish teachers was held in the Miramar Palace from 22 to 25 July. More than one hundred teachers participated in debates on research, new technologies and the linguistic, socio-economic, historical and socio-cultural conditions of the Spanish language.

Tourism Week 2019

Tourism Week, held from 8 to 12 July and organised by the Basque Government’s Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, was conceived to highlight the significance of tourism as an emerging industry and the importance of collaborating with the sector. Tabakalera (International Centre for Contemporary Culture) was the setting for the presentation of the Basque Tourism Network, Saretour; it also held the diploma ceremony for Basque companies recognised for their commitment to various touristic competitiveness programmes. The Hotel Arima, meanwhile, was the site of the ITOURBASK network conference, from the hotel and hospitality sector, and for the conference on the challenges of employment in Basque tourism.