Passion for Knowledge (P4K) returns, the festival that brings prestigious international researchers together

From 30 September until 5 October, Donostia / San Sebastian will host the fourth Passion for Knowledge, a huge public event with Nobel Prize winners and international experts. The Passion for Knowledge (P4K) festival is held every 3 years. It celebrates passion for knowledge with thousands of citizens who actively participate in its activities. This fourth edition of the festival, organised by the research centre Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), boasts prestigious researchers who were behind some of the most relevant scientific discoveries in the past few years. A delight made available to all, anyone can attend the public talks in the Victoria Eugenia theatre, Guggenheim or Baluarte, and continue to learn with Nobel Prize winners and worldwide experts. In addition to plenary conferences, the extensive schedule includes activities for different audiences: meetings for secondary students and scientists, Naukas sessions, exhibitions, children's workshops, spectacles, screenings, etc. In 2019, the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and Passion for Knowledge (P4K) will pay tribute to one of its components: tungsten (W), an element isolated for the first time in 1786 by the Elhuyar brothers in Bergara.