San Sebastian’s MICE industry reinvents itself


San Sebastian Gastronomika-Euskadi Basque Country is adapting to the new normal by creating a major digital meeting place for culinary professionals. #GastronomikaLive is launched to offer diverse webinars with 50 of the world’s best chefs, professionals, and experts in other industry-related subjects, all with no expiration date. An opportunity to train, grow, and talk about the future of the industry post-COVID-19.

#GastronomikaLive will host multiple activities, all of them free: workshops, debates, talks, interviews about creativity, keys to the future, business economics, new business models, the sociology of food and eating, etc.

Hagoos: Basque Live Streaming Event


Designed for incentive and event agencies, Hagoos launches a new service that makes it possible to live stream MICE events “as if you were in the Basque Country”. At a time when COVID-19 makes face-to-face events impossible, the goal is for national and international companies to be able to share the essence of the Basque Country through streaming. The formula includes experiences such as “the flavours of Basque cuisine”, “Basque culture and traditions” and “fishermen and the sea” and features exhibitions, demonstrations, virtual tours, etc., a combination of work and pleasure, with unique experiences that are 100% made in Euskadi.

Lankor: e-conference platform


Conference and event organizer Lankor has launched a video reception platform which offers the possibility of e-conferences.

Tisa: working

TISA, which provides comprehensive and specialized services in conference, meeting and event organization, continues to work non-stop.