Reasons to choose San Sebastián as a city for your congress

San Sebastián: the Pearl of the Cantabrian Sea

Donostia (San Sebastián, in Basque) is more than just a city; it is an homage to life. From the iconic San Sebastián facing railing, passers-by can gaze out at the enormous La Concha bay. With 3 beaches, 3 hills and an island – Santa Clara island, which courageous individuals occasionally swim to – this jewel receives international awards and welcomes visitors from all over the world every year.

Every now and again you’ll need a break from the endless meetings, visits and pintxos, wanting to feel the sand between your toes as you take a stroll along any of San Sebastián’s three excellent beaches, just a short walk from the main congress venues.

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Michelin Star Cuisine

San Sebastián has a wonderfully diverse culinary offering, ranging from the most exclusive dining clubs to the dingiest of bars, where you will be able to sample traditional and modern Basque cuisine. All establishments offer recipes of the finest quality, using locally-sourced seasonal produce purchased from traditional markets or straight from the producers.

And we can’t go without mentioning the highest common dominator of haute cuisine, in miniature: the pintxo. These have evolved considerably since their conception, bursting with colour, exploding with flavour and adapting to the most unexpected formats.

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Figurehead of culture in Europe

Donostia breathes culture, tastes of culture and promotes culture. Named European Capital of Culture in 2016, its cultural heartbeat can be felt throughout the continent.

The city hosts reputable international film, theatre and music competitions which fill it with light, colour and foreign influences all year-round. As you walk down its streets you will hear Europe’s oldest language - Euskera (Basque) – being spoken; testament to the manner with which San Sebastián preserves and promotes local culture.

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A friendly, comfortable and accessible city

Perched on the sea, San Sebastián is home to 186,000 people who stroll down its streets every day, soaking up their essence and energy. Its urban development shaped its modern day urban centre, characterised by a regular weave of straight streets and wide avenues.

Its small size, wonderful walks, extensive cycle lane and cutting-edge European public transport network make San Sebastián a comfortable destination, where getting anywhere in the city is as easy as a gentle stroll.

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Congress Destination

San Sebastián boasts some of the most advanced science, technology and medical centres, bringing together internationally-renowned experts. The city’s know-how and experience make it a highly attractive option for reputable congresses, who consider San Sebastián as the perfect venue for sharing knowledge.

Desde un convento monumento histórico-artístico, a un palacio real con jardines sobre la bahía de La Concha o a un palacio de congresos frente al mar, Donostia / San Sebastián ofrece los mejores escenarios para los eventos.

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A top-class, authentic and sustainable destination

The city continues to retain its essence, personality, tranquillity and security; it continues to be the Donostia/San Sebastián that it always has been. This authenticity that characterises it, however, has not prevented it from evolving into a more sustainable and cutting edge destination.

The quality that the city pours into its public services means that San Sebastián is voted, year after year, as the Basque Country’s best congress destination.

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