Tourist Transport


Commitment with the quality of tourist amenities

Built in 2009. Catamaran with underwater viewing. Capacity 120 pax. Exclusive tourism, culinary and/or cultural services. Excursions in La Concha Bay and along the coast of San Sebastián. Attractive itineraries in the Bay of Biscay.


Getari Charter is specialized in boat trips and fishing trips in San Sebastian and Getaria. We take onboard small groups In all of our trips we stop for swimming and offer you a drink of your choice for as little as 49€ per person.


Commitment with the quality of tourist amenities

Visit Santa Clara island and enjoy the best view of La Concha Bay.We have one direct service to the island and another that includes a 30 minute trip across the bay in a glass-bottom boat. Customized tours.


Sailing in San Sebastián is an intense experience. Sailing from a privileged bay with us, you can organize an exclusive and private plan. Choose one of our three sailing boats with or without skipper, choose the time and decide your way ... Let’s go sailing!


Guided boat trips are always planned to the concerns of participants, to ensure safety and fun for all. Ecotourism and nautical leisure trips the maximun is 6 passengers. Fishing groups a maximun of 4 passengers is recommended . Possibility to join groups and share costs.


At OSTARTE SAILING we offer the rental of classic boats for recreational experiences sailing around our incredible coast. Custom-designed trips aboard full of history sailboats which will make you an unforgettable experience.