Teatro Victoria Eugenia

Victoria Eugenia theater

Standing in the very centre of the city, the Teatro Victoria Eugenia is one of San Sebastián’s most iconic buildings. Packed with history, the Theatre has witnessed the main cultural events held in the city since it was opened in 1912.

Completely renovated in 2007, today the Theatre offers innovative stage space with high-tech equipment and services, while maintaining its charm and original characteristics.

The Theatre has a Main Hall and several multipurpose rooms for holding all kinds of cultural activities or events organised around congresses and meetings..

Escenario 310 m2 200 Banquete
350-500 Cocktail
Sala Principal 900 Teatro
Club 229 m2 120 Teatro
80 Banquete
50 Clase
180 Cocktail
Entrada y Foyer 95 m2 350 Cocktail
Sala China 30 m2 40 Banquete
40 Clase
50 Cocktail
Sala de Danza 210 m2 150 Clase
Sala de Prensa 50 m2




Victoria Eugenia theaterVictoria Eugenia theaterVictoria Eugenia theater